Government & Regulatory Affairs

Our in-depth knowledge of the political and stakeholder scene enables us to offer a unique perspective on managing interactions with governmental agencies and authorities.

Here, we enjoy healthy relationships with key players in the city and state’s legal circles, giving us a distinct perspective and an on-the-ground presence where it counts. We also benefit from tremendous relationships with statutory bodies from various industries, such as business, financial services, energy, construction, and healthcare. 

We provide clear, concise, and actionable advice to empower our clients to make informed decisions that achieve their objectives while limiting any legal, reputational, and political risk. Ultimately, the team at IQEQ Law is focused on facilitating mutually beneficial relationships between the government’s regulatory activities and our clients’ interests.

Political Law & Compliance

With ever-increasing regulatory changes and compliance requirements, organizations and businesses adhering to regulatory demands is critical to ensuring the smooth running of operations.

Regulators and stakeholders are increasingly auditing conduct, meaning organizations’ reputations and business relationships are on the line. But with IQEQ Law as your legal partner, you can focus on the core business while we handle the compliance pitfalls.

Our team is revered for its ability to advise clients in developing solutions to address compliance challenges, ensuring that new regulatory requirements are met. Our strategy empowers clients to reduce risk frequency, understand risk trends, and leverage lessons learned across the investigations and disputes landscape statewide.

Minority or Women-owned Business Enterprise (M/WBE)

We focus most of our Minority and Women’s Business Enterprise practice on guiding clients through MBE and WBE certification and appeal. 

We can assist in structuring your business in a manner consistent with certification guidelines and navigate your business through the certification application or appellate process, which can be laden with hurdles.

Our legal counsel will prudently recommend the most appropriate certification for your unique circumstances, besides advising measures your business can adopt to maintain required certification standards. In addition, IQEQ Law can assist clients in locating potential investors and establishing strategic alliances or joint ventures so the new enterprise is well-positioned to seek a M/WBE certification.

Outside General Counsel

At our law firm, we understand the intricate demands of modern businesses. As a dedicated team, we proudly extend our services as outside general counsel to numerous enterprises. Our commitment extends beyond conventional legal advice; we immerse ourselves in the operations and ethos of your business, aligning ourselves with your goals and challenges. From the inception of contracts to navigating complex disputes, labor law intricacies, regulatory compliance, and licensing matters, our team is equipped with the expertise and experience to provide comprehensive legal guidance. We prioritize a proactive approach, mitigating risks and fostering a solid legal foundation that ensures your business can navigate challenges seamlessly, enabling you to focus on growth and success. With a holistic perspective on the legal landscape, our outside general counsel services transcend mere legal advisory roles. We become an integral part of your decision-making process, offering strategic insights that leverage legal frameworks to empower your business endeavors.